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What new server would you like installed?

[Owner] Goshen
Goshen @ GregTech_New_Horizons
posted Mar 2, 16

We would like to add a new server, what would you like to see added?

After we get enough replies we will make a poll.

sargetv Sky Factory 2.5 asap plz lol
RealFireplaceMC Crash Landing!!
Azrael Hey goshen I actually wanted to talk to you about this I put together my own ftb mod pack a time back but unfortunately ...

Players have been asking for a new server as the current one has reached endgame with many bases.

You asked and we listened!  This will be an additional server, the old Evolved server is not going away.

The new server can be found at

This is a fresh start, the only thing that carries over from the old Evolved server are ranks and creds.

Come see the amazing new spawn built by our head builder Solaris.

We have been pre-generating the worlds all week, the freebuild world is massive!  You will have so many biomes to choose from.

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